Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Thousands of people are injured every year in bicycle accidents. With gas prices on the rise, it makes sense that people are riding bikes more frequently. Riding a bike reduces car traffic and keeps the environment clean.

Cyclists should take these precautions to reduce the chances getting into bicycle accidents.

  • Ensure that drivers can see you and reduce the chances of a bike accident.
  • Wear an approved helmet.
  • Wear reflective clothing.
  • Equip your bike with good front and rear lights.
  • Be aware of the vehicles surrounding you.
    • Cars making left turns in low light are more likely to hit a bicyclist.
  • Make eye contact before crossing the path of a car.
    • When you are out riding, you should always make sure that the driver of the car sees you before trying to cross an intersection.

Still, accidents happen, and sometimes there is no way to prepare for a driver drifting into the bike lane or other incidents.

If a cyclist gets hit by a heavier vehicle, the injuries can be devastating. Head injuries, fractures, and soft tissue injuries (STI) are the most common types of injuries related to these types of accidents.

If the cyclist has taken every precaution and still gets injured by a careless motor vehicle operator, there are laws in place to assist accident victims. Bicycling collision victims are able to get compensation from the driver who was responsible for the collision. The compensation is usually provided by the driver’s insurer.

Sometimes the victim suffers serious injuries and may never fully recover. The victim needs to be sure that they are compensated for all of their losses, including lost income, health care costs, and pain and suffering.

In the event that a bicycle accident happens, you need to be prepared. There are time limits for how long you have to notify the responsible party that you intend to file for compensation. Hiring a personal injury lawyer is the right move to make to ensure that you receive all of the compensation you are entitled to for your injuries. The lawyer you hire will be able to assess the value of your claim and determine who is at fault. If your case cannot be settled, the lawyer will help you take it to court.

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SAFETY TIPS: You should always make sure that you take proper safety measures when riding a bike anywhere. Helmets are a must to protect you from head injury. Also, if you are biking in the pre-dawn hours or in the evening when visibility is low, reflectors are a great piece of safety equipment to have. If you have not taken proper precautions and the lack of precaution is a factor in your injury, your compensation will be reduced.